About Us


We equip your organization with marketing support so you can attract the right talent. We help our clients effectively position themselves and communicate more efficiently about what sets their company, organization or institution apart.

By combining strategy, creativity and industry knowledge, we create powerful plans and measurable campaigns so our clients can attract the right people. By sharing your organization’s story in a compelling way, you can find the talent you need so your organization can grow seamlessly.

Karina Crooks, Principal

Karina is a marketing and internal communications professional with experience in recruitment strategy, communication, evaluation/assessment and digital marketing. The Vivid Shift team is comprised of Karina and a small team of freelancers.

Communities & Events We Support

The Business Code Podcast

Hosted by Karina Crooks and Kerry Bezzanno, the Business Code features a variety of high-caliber business leaders from across the globe. From the vantage point where internal communications and organizational development integrate, the aim is to profile thriving, ethical workplaces and rethink the way we define organizational success.

Discussion Series

Co-hosted by Vivid Shift and Optimax Benefits, Discussion Series is a quarterly event for HR professionals, bringing great minds together to tackle the challenges of the people world. HR is fundamental to the growth of today’s successful organization, and this lunchtime event provides an opportunity to share ideas with your cohorts and leave with actionable strategies to apply to your own organization.