Our focus is on the pre-application phase of talent acquisition. We identify the ‘who, what and why’ behind your potential candidates and then use marketing strategy to make your organization stand out and attract this talent.

We help communicate your message to your target audience so you can build the capacity you need and achieve your growth targets.

Employer Branding

What is your reputation as an employer? To attract talent, every organization needs a clear value proposition to its employees.

We help you articulate what makes your organization stand out from the rest, and gain a better understanding of how you’re perceived by prospective, current and past employees.

Recruitment-Focused Events

What are high-caliber people in your industry passionate about? Equipped with research, we help craft the perfect events to attract the individuals you need.

By getting the right people in the room, you have the ability to start a relationship with a pool of candidates that are both talented and on board with your company’s brand With this approach, you ensure new hires not only have the technical skills, but are a good fit with your internal company culture as well.

Recruitment Campaigns

Top talent is bored of the traditional tactics being used to get their attention, and ultimately, your organization is missing out.

We help you refresh the way you interact with potential candidates and create unique and compelling ways to attract the individuals you need to build a qualified, engaged and high-performing team.

Social Media Recruiting

We help you refine your recruitment presence in the social networking space. By presenting a compelling, consistent and engaging employer brand online, we’ll help you convert fans and followers into active applicants.

In addition to recruiting-focused profile pages that align with your employer brand, we can also assist in creating custom social media policies or equipping your internal recruiters with the knowledge they need to confidently use social networking sites in their recruiting efforts.