Effective Recruitment Planning for 2017

As the new year draws closer, many companies and organizations are starting to think about their recruitment goals for 2017. As some workplaces experience a slowdown over the holidays, many HR professionals are in full out planning mode, getting their targets in place before the post-holiday rush begins demanding their time. Depending on the organization, your goal may or may not include a lot of hiring over the next 12 months. Some organizations may only be hoping to retain the staff they have, or fill a couple of couple key roles. Regardless of your focus, it’s a very good time to evaluate, assess the situation, and set some recruitment targets with your business goals in mind.


As with any strategic planning, your recruitment plan should be based on the goals of your organization. Are you planning an expansion or a major change in the upcoming year? Are there key skill sets your team is missing? What sort of roles would be helpful in positioning your organization for success in 2017?


From here, you can establish more targeted goals for recruitment. Of course, you want to attract the best fit to work for your company. Individuals who are a fit for your organization’s culture and are engaged in their work will undoubtedly be a tremendous asset for your business. However, depending on the situation you may have additional goals to set:


Goal: Attract a higher standard of candidate


Some companies may find they receive a significant number of applications, but spend hours weeding through them only to find a few qualified individuals. Most of the time, this problem could be mitigated through better positioning, a stronger brand, or more accurate job descriptions.


Goal: Attract candidates that have skills or experience the organization doesn’t currently have


Your team may have gaps in skills, knowledge or experience that could be filled by the right hire. Or, the missing piece could be different; perhaps you have a team of creatives that need a more organized person to get things in order. Or, maybe your division of technical experts could win more work if a charismatic, sales-focused person joined the team.


Goal: Position the company as a great place to work


Most organizations would love to have a steady stream of qualified candidates knocking on their door and save the headache of continuously recruiting. By creating a strong brand and sharing your company’s internal culture to a wider audience, you’ll be able to forge a reputation as a desirable place to work and compete for talent against bigger players in your industry.


Goal: Focus on recruiting a specific demographic


Perhaps your company wants to stand out as a leader on a certain front. Maybe your desire is to be the first choice for entry-level, internationally-minded engineers. Or, perhaps you’re hoping to attract more women to your traditionally male-dominated organization. Whatever the case, outlining your recruitment goals can get you prepared. From here, your organization can begin to map out the type of activities that will accomplish these targets.



By taking the time to clarify your business goals and identify precisely what you want to accomplish over the upcoming year, you’ll be well positioned to start crafting your 2017 recruitment strategy.


Need a little help? The Vivid Shift team is more than happy to be part of your planning. Get in touch and find out what we can do to ensure your organization is positioned to attract the talent it needs in the year ahead.

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