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Vivid Shift - About Us

Vivid Shift is a recruitment marketing agency based in Western Canada.


We equip your organization with marketing support so you can attract the right talent. We help our clients effectively position themselves and communicate more efficiently about what sets their company, organization or institution apart.


By combining strategy, creativity and industry knowledge, we create powerful plans and measurable campaigns so our clients can attract the right people. By sharing your organization’s story in a compelling way, you can find the talent you need so your organization can grow seamlessly.

Our Team


Our core team comprises Karina Crooks, Principal, and a small group of creatives. We also draw on a broad, global network of collaborators – including photographers, illustrators, web developers, filmmakers and more – as projects require.

Karina Crooks, Principal - Vivid Shift

Karina Crooks, Principal

Karina is a marketing and internal communications professional with experience in recruitment strategy, communication, evaluation/assessment and digital marketing. She loves challenges and seeks roles/projects where there is an opportunity to make an impact on an organization in terms of both their bottom-line and their human capital focus.


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