We use marketing strategy to help organizations

attract employees, students and volunteers


Private-Sector Employers

You need to attract the right candidates. We can help. We identify what makes your company unique, build a sustainable recruitment strategy and communicate effectively with your potential employees.

Non-Profits and Charities

The world of volunteer recruitment can be challenging and competitive. From large-scale recruitment campaigns to navigating volunteer position descriptions, we'll build your volunteer capacity so you can get things done.

Post-Secondary Institutions

Whether you're launching a new program or need to boost overall enrolment rates, we'll craft a strategy to position your institution to start attracting the students you need.

Interested in working with us?

Whether you’re a college needing to market a new program to prospective students or a company wanting recruitment materials for an upcoming career fair, we’d love to hear more about your project.



Your brand is much more than a logo and imagery. We dig up key insights and define what makes your organization unique so you can effectively reach the heart of your audience.


We use our creativity to deliver the right message with a look and feel that connects to your target market and makes your organization stand out from the crowd.

Recruitment Marketing

Our inbound approach to recruitment combined with the ability to develop targeted and effective content gives you the advantage to stop hunting and start attracting the people you need.


Vivid Shift is based in Alberta, Canada but takes on projects from across the globe.


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